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Actual/Ideal is the distillation of several blogs, and bits of media floating both around the internet, and my offline world. Significantly, the two most recent weblogs I have kept were Mink Tails and Observations from the Bottom of the Garden. Both of which served their purpose – Mink Tails for a much longer period of time (during which it underwent several different incarnations) and Observations… for a brief flash. My decision to consolidate these efforts is driven by a clear conclusion as to what the purpose of an online journal/notebook should serve at this point in my life, and in my developing body of work.

Actual/Ideal is again variously a scrapbook, a notebook, et cetera – its purpose fluid to each thought/encounter/question’s specific demand. It is, however, on a broader scale, an extended meditation on art and the world, on art in the world, and (I hope far more infrequently) the world of art. And above and beyond this, it is an extension of my own art practice; and at the end of the day, a tool for a deeper understanding of what I am doing and what I am making, and the context in which this work exists.

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