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These Are Amazing Days


Aviary opens tonight at La Mama – I am feeling simultaneous elation and terror. It would be unwise to go into those feelings or ruminations too deeply here. I have never really had this experience – to witness a work opening that is simultaneously mine and not mine. 6.30pm. The atypical opening time suits me just fine. The imbibing of wine starts early, and finishes… well. It’s going to have to finish early tonight.

As tomorrow I am off to the ABC Southbank to record a radio play version of Jasmine Chan’s Corvus which I honestly couldn’t be more excited about. It was originally produced by The Rabble (a company for whom I have the utmost respect) and directed by Kate Davis. Corvus was originally performed by Dana Miltins. This was one of those productions I had dearly, dearly wished I could spirit myself up to Sydney for…

And so. I got the voicemail a week and a half ago from my agent saying that I’d been asked to perform the radio play version of a work by Jasmine Chan, and I held my breath for the next two days while I waited for the name of the script to come through… and there eventually it came. And the script arrived on its own one day into the PO box. And I snatch extended moments to work on it almost guiltily, as it’s such a treat. So, tomorrow. This is why we are actors. I feel so deeply, deeply privileged to be asked to read this work, and moreover to be trusted with the delivery of this script. This is a rare, wondrous job.

Meetings with my set and lighting designers have begun, and it is making Attract/Repel an imminent reality. To be on the same page as another artist who is going to come together with, and within your concept to realise something that doesn’t exist yet is truly the greatest privilege.

I am also now undergoing a series of meetings over the next few weeks, which I anticipate will get balls rolling on at least three other major projects that will unfold over the next eighteen months. It makes me breathe a deep sigh of relief, and I realise that all the hard work I’ve put in, and perpetual swathes of fifty things I’ve done at once are finally paying off creatively.

Whilst they are pure chaos, these are truly amazing days.

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