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back to the room


After having taken three and a bit days off to digest, process, think, be totally and utterly overwhelmed, and selectively view all the footage I took of the first five days of development, we’re all returning to the space again today without fluoro tubes (but with a few handhelds instead), and a stack of physical (non-spoken text only) sequences I want to try out. I feel like I’m wading deep into no-man’s land. Quite uncomfortable, really. What do I do with this material? I mean – what if it works? Do I then pack it away and put it into a notated form for the benefit of a stage manager, or keep working with it, reshaping it? I am feeling quite green to it all, all of a sudden. Perhaps this discomfort is a positive thing. Perhaps it will be my working from a place of uncertain fertility. Or fertile uncertainty…

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