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Good things Wednesday


Finally reading The Philosopher’s Stone (no, not Harry Potter), by Peter Marshall – “A Quest for the Secrets of Alchemy”. I’ve had it on my various shelves since 2004, but picked it up t’other night after watching Science and Islam on SBS, which told of Islamic scholars successfully translating over 50% of Egyptian Hieroglyphs in an attempt to mine lost secrets of alchemy. It was time.

Shopping for our first digital SLR… inspired by Superhero.

Having just purchased our first ‘couples’ car. First: marriage, second: reliable station wagon. Next? We’re pretty proud. We’re waiting for the roadworthy, and then we’re in air-conditioned heaven. I am going to have to learn how to reverse park all over again…

Researching recycled paper bags. There is a difference between ‘recycled’ and ‘recycled 100% post-consumer waste’. Oh, yes there is.

Writing a strategic plan for The Melbourne Town Players. Actually, it’s at once gruelling and fun. The fun bit is working out where we’re going to be in two, five and ten years time. The gruelling bit is working out how to get there and then writing it down in dry, boring, strategic planning language. I’m over dull for now. Trying desperately to retain glorious sense of optimism.

Counting down the days until NEIS commences. Desperately. Roll-on December.

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